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Need for a holistic approach to treat TB contacts and extrapulmonary (ocular) tuberculosis


We aim to highlight the ignorance and incidences of deliberate hiding of medical facts in society. The cause of it can be, the associated taboo with these diseases. The fear of social outcasts is the major barrier preventing diseased from accepting the diagnosis as well as treatment. Though the medical facility has improved significantly and has come up with a complete cure for these diseases, still these facilities are not able to trickle down to the lower socioeconomic group. The reason for facilities not reaching the lower socioeconomic strata is the self-made shield created by these people. The current case report tries to highlight the need to screen the family members and the contacts of patients with tuberculosis. The screening should be done holistically and thoroughly to rule out extrapulmonary pulmonary disease also.

  • ophthalmology
  • macula
  • tuberculosis

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