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Atypical gnathostomiasis-confirmed cutaneous larva migrans, Vietnam


We reported a case of gnathostomiasis in a 42-year-old woman with an unclear history of eating high-risk foods and had a non-migratory skin lesion, negative serological testing and normal blood eosinophil counts. A diagnosis of gnathostomiasis was based on a live, third-stage Gnathostoma spinigerum larva that was randomly taken from the patient’s skin lesion by herself. The presenting case report demonstrates challenges in correctly diagnose cutaneous gnathostomiasis even in endemic countries due to atypical skin lesions, negative serology testing and the absence of eosinophilia and thus, the widely used classic triad of suggestive evidence of gnathostomiasis is not fulfilled.

  • dermatology
  • infectious diseases
  • travel medicine
  • tropical medicine (infectious disease)

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