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Acquired localised lipoatrophy secondary to transgluteal drainage


Acquired localised lipoatrophy is a focal loss of subcutaneous fat, which is commonly secondary to trauma, injections of medications such as antibiotics or corticosteroids, pressure, previous surgery or panniculitis. We present a case of a patient who experienced focal fat loss in the left gluteal region from a previous left transgluteal drainage of a suspected abscess. There was no medical history of corticosteroid, antibiotic injection or use of highly active antiretroviral therapy. Lipoatrophy occurring as a consequence of a deep pelvic abscess drainage has not been reported in the literature; however, based on the lack of other aetiologies, the diagnosis of acquired localised lipoatrophy secondary to a transgluteal drainage was made in this patient. The aim of this report was to present this rare cause of lipoatrophy that has not previously been described and to acknowledge lipoatrophy as a potential side effect of a deep abscess drainage.

  • dermatology
  • infections
  • lipid disorders

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