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Factors leading to neonatal mortality due to neonatal purpura fulminans through the lens of a child death review


A case of neonatal death due to neonatal purpura fulminans (NPF) was brought to community physicians’ notice by the auxiliary nurse midwife in her catchment area as part of the routine demographic health surveillance. The community physician then conducted the child death review in the community. The neonate was born out of consanguineous marriage (mother married to her first-degree maternal cousin) with spontaneous conception. This neonate was fourth in the birth order. The second-order and third-order births had also suffered from NPF and died. The baby was delivered in a tertiary care setting, and the paediatric surgeon planned debridement of the affected part on the third day of the birth, as per the mother. However, due to inadequate counselling regarding the procedure, mother left the hospital without seeking care against medical advice, and the child died at home.

  • dermatology
  • neonatal health

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