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Case of melioidosis misdiagnosed as pulmonary tuberculosis


Melioidosis is an endemic infection caused by Burkholderia pseudomallei predominantly reported in the coastal parts of India. A 19-year-old male student with no comorbidities presented with features suggestive of pneumonia. He was initiated on antitubercular treatment empirically elsewhere. However, due to lack of response to therapy diagnosis was revisited. Microbiological investigations were unyielding initially. Despite antitubercular treatment, he presented with complications of pneumonia and was diagnosed to have melioidosis. He was initiated on appropriate antibiotics for the intensive and eradication phase. Obtaining microbiological confirmation is of utmost importance to prevent misdiagnosis and undue morbidity and mortality due to these uncommon infections.

  • infectious diseases
  • TB and other respiratory infections
  • pneumonia (respiratory medicine)

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