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Catastrophic complications of urolithiasis in pregnancy


Urolithiasis is the most common non-obstetric complication in pregnancy and has the potential to cause grave consequences resulting in pregnancy loss. We present two such cases. First, a 24-year-old woman, 5 weeks pregnant with a history of urolithiasis presented with right flank pain and fever. She was found to have a right perinephric collection and during the course of her treatment suffered an abortion. The second case was a 25-year-old woman who presented in septic shock. She underwent emergency lower segment caesarean section elsewhere 10 days ago for intrauterine death at 38 weeks of gestation. On evaluation, she was found to have bilateral stone disease with a left subcapsular haematoma. Both the cases were managed conservatively and are planned for definitive management. Thus, women of childbearing age with diagnosed urolithiasis should get themselves evaluated and be free of stone disease before planning a family to prevent increased obstetric complications during pregnancy.

  • abortion
  • reproductive medicine
  • urology

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