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Rare case of diabetic neuropathic cachexia along with diabetic amyotrophy


A 65-year-old patient with background of alcohol excess and previous gunshot wounds was admitted with significant weight loss, leg cramps, dizziness and lethargy for the last 3 months. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus in July 2020 and was started on Metformin and Gliclazide by his in July; he was later commenced on alogliptin and empaglaflozin by diabetes specialist nurse in early August. He also had generalised muscle wasting, dorsal guttering in both hands and was cachectic when he presented to hospital. His haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) was 124 mmol/mol in July 2020 and was 63 mmol/mol in September 2020. The patient had negative autoimmune and TB screen. CT abdomen/pelvis and CT lumbosacral spine that showed mild diverticular disease and bilateral L5 spondylolysis with L5-S1 spondylotic changes. Electrophysiological studies confirmed sensory motor peripheral neuropathy. Patient was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathic cachexia secondary to poorly controlled diabetes and was commenced on 30 units two times per day of NovoMix 30 insulin; this was adjusted to 24 units two times per day in endocrine clinic 3 months later, after gaining 10 kg in weight. Good glycaemic control is key to the management of such cases and, therefore, we recommend early referral to diabetes specialist input for consideration of insulin therapy.

  • diabetes
  • depressive disorder
  • pain (neurology)
  • endocrine system
  • neurology

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