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Abdominal intercostal hernia and costal arch repair


A 70-year-old asthmatic man presented with a history of chronic intermittent left-sided chest pains and a bulge-like deformity of his chest which became more prominent with expiration. He sustained a traumatic fall 2 years prior whereby he fractured his right humerus at the surgical neck, requiring total arthroplasty. Examination and CT imaging of the thorax revealed a left costal arch fracture with hemidiaphragm rupture and associated transperitoneal fat herniation. He underwent left thoracolaparotomy with costal arch and diaphragmatic hernia repair. He was discharged 48 hours postoperatively and is satisfied with good outcomes under initial follow-up. This case report highlights the surgical management of a condition that usually presents late after significant trauma and may progress to visceral strangulation if untreated.

  • cardiothoracic surgery
  • surgery

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