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Giant desmoid tumour of abdominal wall: resection and reconstruction by posterior component separation
  1. Pankaj Kumar,
  2. Tushar Subhadarshan Mishra,
  3. Mahesh Sethi and
  4. Swastik Mishra
  1. Department of General Surgery, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneswar, India
  1. Correspondence to Pankaj Kumar; surg_pankaj{at}


Management of large abdominal wall desmoid tumours is complicated due to the unpredictable behaviour of desmoids and the need for laborious reconstruction of the abdominal wall after wide local excision. A multidisciplinary team approach, including surgeons, oncologists and plastic surgeons, is necessary for proper management. This case highlights the diagnostic and surgical challenges related to the reconstruction of abdominal wall defect, after radical excision of a 30×30×25 cm desmoid tumour, originating from left rectus muscle. The defect was closed successfully by a perspicuous technique of posterior component separation. The awareness of this straightforward technique will allow the surgeons to do these radical procedures with confidence and without any consternation of complex reconstructive procedures.

  • plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • surgical oncology
  • general surgery

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  • Contributors PK,TSM and MS worked up the patient. PK, MS and SM operated the patient. The follow-up was done by PK,TSM and SM. The first draft was written by PK. Subsequent revisions were done by the other three authors. All the authors have revised the draft critically for important intellectual content and approved the final version for publication.

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