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Lower third chest wall reconstruction in a bilateral sequential lung transplant recipient


Reconstruction of the sternum following deep sternal wound infection (DSWI) can be challenging, and despite advances in reconstructive surgery, DSWI remains a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in cardiothoracic patients. Transplantation patients present an additional, unique challenge for the reconstructive surgeon. These patients are often on immunosuppressant therapy, with multiple comorbidities, and cannot tolerate prolonged operations for reconstruction. They often have a prior extensive surgical history, which may limit donor options; and their wounds are often in the lower third of the sternum, which is a challenging location to reconstruct with locoregional tissues.

We report a case of successful lower third chest wall reconstruction in a bilateral lung transplant recipient with a combination of bilateral pectoralis advancement flaps and omentoplasty.

  • cardiothoracic surgery
  • plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • transplantation
  • cystic fibrosis

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