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Mixed histology bladder cancer as a complication of clam ileocystoplasty


A 58-year-old woman with a previous clam ileocystoplasty was referred to the urology department for the investigation of haematuria. CT urogram showed a large left-sided soft tissue mass arising from the bladder. Histological analysis of the shavings from transurethral resection revealed a G3pT2 transitional cell carcinoma and T4N1Mx adenocarcinoma. The patient was referred to oncology for the discussion of palliative chemotherapy; however, in the interim she deteriorated and was admitted to hospital with a post-renal acute kidney injury. A right-sided nephrostomy was inserted relieving her obstruction and she subsequently made a good recovery. This case report illustrates the difficulties in the long-term follow-up of patients having undergone what is now a rarely performed procedure. In the absence of regular cystoscopic follow-up post ileocystoplasty, malignancy may present late and with complications from advanced disease.

  • urology
  • haematuria
  • urological surgery
  • urological cancer

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