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Eagle Syndrome: an underdiagnosed cause of orofacial pain


Eagle Syndrome (ES), also termed stylohyoid syndrome or styloid syndrome, is a rare condition characterised by a cluster of symptoms related to an elongation of the styloid process (SP) of the temporal bone. These may range from mild pharyngeal foreign body sensation and dysphagia to severe orofacial pain. High clinical suspicion is necessary owing to the unspecific clinical picture and limited diagnostic clues. Until a definitive diagnosis is achieved, these patients may develop symptoms which significantly impact their quality of life. The aim of this article is to report a case of ES in which a considerable length of SP was documented. Diagnosis was made years after the initial complaints and several medical workups by different specialties. Surgical resection of the elongated process by cervical approach was the adopted treatment modality. Patient recovery and follow-up was satisfactory, with remission of the afflicting symptoms.

  • head and neck surgery
  • pain
  • oral and maxillofacial surgery

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