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Case report
Rare case of Prevotella pleuritidis lung abscess


Prevotella genus comprises of obligate anaerobic, gram-negative bacteria that are commensal organisms of oral cavity, gut and vaginal mucosa. Although many Prevotella species have well-established pathogenicity with respect to pulmonary infections, rarely has Prevotella pleuritidis been isolated as a cause of lung abscess. We present a rare case of left lower lobe lung abscess due to P. pleuritidis identified using next-generation sequencing of microbial cell-free DNA testing. A brief review of the literature regarding Prevotella species pulmonary infections, use of next-generation cell-free DNA testing early in the evaluation, antibiotic susceptibility and resistance is also a part of this report.

  • pneumonia (infectious disease)
  • pneumonia (respiratory medicine)

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