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Case report
Survival case of acute and severe respiratory distress due to spontaneous tension gastrothorax


A 20-year-old woman presented with abdominal pain and shortness of breath. She was in obstructive shock with absent breath sounds on the left haemithorax. Chest X-ray showed a large radiolucent shadow with absent lung markings and mediastinal shift to the right side with concerns for tension pneumothorax. Though tube thoracostomy was done on the left side of the chest, column movement was absent. To confirm the diagnosis CT with contrast was done that revealed a huge left side diaphragmatic defect with abdominal contents in the thorax and mediastinal structures are shifted to left. She underwent emergency laparotomy and postoperative period was uneventful.

  • emergency medicine
  • ultrasonography
  • resuscitation
  • adult intensive care
  • stomach and duodenum

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