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Case report
Rare case of a traumatic myositis ossificans in the tibialis anterior muscle


Athletes involved in contact sports can be diagnosed with traumatic myositis ossificans. Myositis ossificans is characterised by a benign ossifying lesion in soft tissue mass, most commonly preceded by a muscle contusion in the thigh. Despite the fact that it is often a self-limiting disease, treatment modalities are anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy, shockwave therapy, radiation therapy or surgical resection. We report a 22-year-old competitive football player with severe ongoing pain in the lower leg after a direct trauma. An X-ray showed calcification between the tibia and fibula. An additional ultrasound confirmed the diagnosis: myositis ossificans of the tibialis anterior muscle. After treating him with anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy, he was able to return to sports. Myositis ossificans of the lower leg is an uncommon, though if present, troublesome condition, occurring after a contusion.

  • musculoskeletal and joint disorders
  • accidents, injuries
  • orthopaedics
  • sports and exercise medicine
  • physiotherapy (sports medicine)

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