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Case report
Quadruple synchronous primary cancers in a single patient


Patients diagnosed with quadruple synchronous primary cancers are extremely rare and we present here, to the best of our knowledge, the first case report of this combination of primary cancers. A 70-year-old woman was diagnosed with cervical adenocarcinoma, melanoma on the right leg, invasive ductal cell carcinoma metastasis in the left axilla with no primary breast tumour detected and multiple basal cell carcinomas on the limbs, all within 2 months. The management was conducted in collaboration with six medical specialties. The cancers were surgically managed, with further adjuvant chemotherapy and ongoing hormone therapy for her breast cancer. Four years after the diagnosis, no signs of recurrence or further metastases from any of the cancers are present.

  • breast cancer
  • gynecological cancer
  • skin cancer

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