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Case report
Phenotype and variations associated with the deletion of the 1q44 cytoband and the pathogenic duplication in the 9q32q34.3 cytobands
  1. Ana Gómez-Carpintero García,
  2. Ana Vidal Esteban,
  3. Amanda Bermejo Gómez and
  4. Ruth Camila Púa Torrejón
  1. Pediatría, Hospital Universitario de Móstoles, Mostoles, Madrid, Spain
  1. Correspondence to Dr Ana Gómez-Carpintero García; gmezcarpinteroa{at}


​The advance in the human genetic field has permitted to identify small chromosome alterations and associate them to a specific phenotype. However, there are many mutations that have not yet been described in the literature. We describe the clinical case of a term newborn with appropriate weight to its gestational age, without perinatal background of interest that, at birth, presented: macrocephaly, hypertelorism, low-set ears, prominent forehead, micrognathia, camptodactyly, bilateral cryptorchidism, inspiratory stridor with the cry, multifocal systolic murmur, wide anterior fontanel and hypotonia of mixed characteristics and in whom a deletion of the 1q44 cytoband and a pathogenic duplication in the 9q32q34.3 cytoband were detected. We perform a review of the literature.

  • genetics
  • paediatrics
  • congenital disorders
  • infant health
  • neonatal and paediatric intensive care

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