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Case report
Diabetic thoracic radiculopathy: a case of a young woman with clinical improvement following immunotherapy


Thoracic radiculopathy is a rare cause of thoracic-abdominal or abdominal pain in subjects with poorly controlled diabetes. We present a case of a young woman with type I diabetes and a severe abdominal pain in both lower quadrants. An extensive diagnostic gastroenterological and gynaecological workup did not disclose abnormalities. Electromyography revealed an initial polyneuropathy and significant neurogenic abnormalities in the T10-T12 paravertebral muscles. Following the hypothesis that the radiculopathy-related abdominal pain might have an immuno-mediated pathogenesis, the patient underwent a complex trial of immunotherapy, which was accompanied by a sustained improvement over months to full recovery. This report would support the hypothesis that immune-mediated mechanisms are still active even months after onset of symptoms.

  • pain
  • neurology (drugs and medicines)
  • diabetes
  • peripheral nerve disease

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