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Case report
Mephentermine dependence in a young Indian adult without psychosis


Mephentermine is a vasopressor drug closely related to amphetamine and methamphetamine. Cases of abuse and dependence to mephentermine have dotted medical literature for a long time. Till date, 11 cases of dependence to mephentermine have been published. In this report, a case of mephentermine dependence is being discussed. The patient was a young adult male who was dependent to mephentermine for nearly 3 years. He was an athlete and was introduced to mephentermine by his peer for enhancing performance. He did not develop any major physical or psychiatric issue due to the drug. He was managed on out patient basis. Though cases of mephentermine dependence are few and far in medical literature, reports from other sources indicate that the problem could be more common and could be on rise. High index of suspicion and holistic care is likely to help patients and treating clinicians.

  • psychiatry (drugs and medicines)
  • drug misuse (including addiction)
  • drugs misuse (including addiction)
  • drugs in sport / doping control
  • anaesthesia

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