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Case report
Reversal of diabetic tractional retinal detachment attributed to keto diet


A 40-year-old woman, known type 2 diabetes mellitus, obese (100 kg), on insulin (80 units), was under treatment for unstable proliferative diabetic retinopathy with extramacular tractional retinal detachment (TRD) in the left eye. At 1-year follow-up, she developed progression of TRD involving the macula in the left eye for which she was advised surgery. She did not follow-up for 6 months during which time she had adopted a coconut oil-rich ketogenic diet. She reported losing 25 kg body weight along with reversal of diabetes (Glycosylated Haemglobin (HbA1C) of 5.3% without insulin) in the interim. During this 2-year follow-up visit, it was found that there was complete resolution of macular detachment due to TRD in the left eye with stable vision. This was attributed to the impactful ketogenic diet.

  • obesity (nutrition)
  • retina

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