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Case report
Hypertensive retinopathy in a neonate


A 23-day-old female child diagnosed as having systemic hypertensive emergency was referred for retinal screening. The fundus examination showed bilateral intraretinal haemorrhages and hard exudates especially at the macula. Venous looping was noted. The ocular features were suggestive of hypertensive retinopathy. Control of systemic hypertension was advised and was managed conservatively with close follow-up. Widefield fundus photography was done at presentation and follow-up to document the change in retinopathy with control of hypertension.

The haemorrhages and exudates resolved on follow-up but significant retinal pigment epithelium changes with beaten bronze appearance were noted at the area of previous oedema. Presence of hypertensive retinopathy in a neonate is rare and has long-term effects on visual development. This report describes the course of hypertensive retinopathy in a neonate.

  • hypertension
  • retina
  • neonatal health

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