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Case report
Hepatic epitheloid haemangioendothelioma: a rare malignant tumour


Our case concerns a 66-year-old man. After experiencing recurrent episodes of abdominal pain, an initial CT scan, ultrasound and gastroscopy was carried out. All of which showed normal findings.

As a consequence of persisting symptoms, another CT scan was performed. This scan revealed a hypodense area in the right lobe of the liver. This was interpreted as a possible haemangioma. Subsequent MRI scans indicated an intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. A final ultrasound-guided liver biopsy was performed and histology demonstrated epitheloid haemangioendothelioma, which was locally advanced and inoperable.

  • gastroenterology
  • hepatic cancer
  • transplantation
  • pathology

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