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Case report
Rapidly progressing HELLP syndrome and massive liver destruction in a 22-year-old female pregnant with monochorionic diamniotic gemelli


Haemolysis Elevated Liver parameters and Low Platelets (HELLP) syndrome can present with abdominal pain as the only symptom. It can be rapid with failure of multiple organs and is a cause of maternal death. A 22-year-old female pregnant with twins contacted her local hospital due to abdominal pain. Within 20 hours of the debut of the abdominal pain, a caesarean section was performed, the patient was re-operated due to the suspicion of abdominal bleeding. Bescause she was hypotensive and blood tests showed signs of liver destruction and acidosis, she was transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU). During an admission of 40 days, the patient received 5 plasmapheresis treatments and 10 courses of haemodialysis. CT scans showed massive liver haematomas intraparenchymal and subcapsular. The CT scan images are very interesting and included in the case report.

This case presents a good prognosis after a rapid progression of HELLP in spite of a dramatic clinical presentation. This topic is of great interest to a wide spectre of clinicians, as an early multidisciplinary approach is necessary.

  • adult intensive care
  • pregnancy
  • acute renal failure
  • dialysis

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