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Case report
Failed videolaryngoscopy in an infant with giant vallecular cyst managed successfully with a ‘three-person technique’ of fibre-optic intubation


Vallecular cysts are a rare entity but can complicate the airway management due to the physical impediment and distortion of the laryngeal inlet. It can lead to fatal life-threatening airway obstruction postinduction of anaesthesia. Infancy compounds the risks due to lack of cooperation and physiological reserves. The literature review suggested most anaesthesiologists avoided muscle relaxants and aspiration of the cyst was used as a rescue technique. The present case report illustrates the successful airway management of an infant with a huge vallecular cyst using fibre-optic intubation by a ‘three-person’ technique after paraglossal videolaryngoscopy failed to secure the airway.

  • anaesthesia
  • paediatrics
  • paediatric surgery
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