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Case report
An extremely rare and atypical paediatric presentation of a maxillary sinus haemangioma in the UK


We present a rare and unusual case of a 16-year-old girl, with no significant medical history, presenting with right nasal obstruction and suspected sinusitis with occasional epistaxis and haemoptysis. On examination, she had a mass lesion in the right nasal cavity, with no evidence of other pathology on assessment of the ears, nose, throat or head and neck. A CT scan revealed an opacified right maxillary sinus with polypoidal mucosa, extending and passing through the accessory ostium into the right nasal cavity. Examination under anaesthesia with functional endoscopic sinus surgery and excision of the lesion was subsequently undertaken. Histological analysis confirmed the mass lesion as a haemangioma. This case report is the first to present a maxillary haemangioma presenting as nasal obstruction with intermittent sinusitis symptoms in a child. The authors discuss the incidence, presentation and management of maxillary haemangiomas in the paediatric population.

  • ear, nose and throat
  • nasal polyps
  • ear, nose and throat/otolaryngology
  • headache (including migraines)

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