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Clozapine-induced stercoral colitis: a surgical perspective


We describe a case of a 46-year-old man with schizophrenia treated with clozapine who presented as an emergency with abdominal pain on the background of a 1 month history of constipation. The initial presenting symptoms were vague and a diagnosis was difficult to establish. Initial CT of the abdomen and pelvis demonstrated only minor abnormalities. He continued to deteriorate until a further CT scan revealed worsening stercoral colitis. He subsequently underwent an emergency total colectomy and ileostomy formation and had a complicated prolonged postoperative recovery. This case highlights the risks that clozapine can have on slowing bowel transit and the dangerous consequences that can occur if not identified early.

  • gastrointestinal surgery
  • schizophrenia
  • drugs: psychiatry
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