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Metastatic plasmacytoid bladder cancer causing malignant priapism


An 81-year-old man presented to medical services with pelvic pain and evolving urinary retention over 3 months. The patient was found to have a tense glans and penile shaft with surrounding induration consistent with malignant priapism. The extent of the induration included the suprapubic region, scrotum, left iliac region and left flank. A CT scan demonstrated an enhancing, pedunculated lesion arising from the anterior bladder wall measuring 30×31×20 mm. There were multiple enlarged left inguinal lymph nodes. Core biopsies of the subcutaneous tissue on the anterior abdominal wall demonstrated plasmacytoid urothelial carcinoma. The majority of patients with plasmacytoid variant of transitional cell carcinoma will present with >stage 3 bladder disease

  • urological cancer
  • urological surgery

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