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Rare and unusual case of hepatic and disseminated tuberculosis in an immunocompetent patient
  1. Celestine Eshiwe,
  2. Farah Shahi,
  3. Neil Gordon and
  4. Patrick Lillie
  1. Department of Infection, Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Hull, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Farah Shahi, drfarahresearch{at}


Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex disease (tuberculosis (TB)) of the liver is rare and liver abscesses as a result are even rarer. In an immunocompetent individual, the disease tends to be localised. To the best of our knowledge, we report one of the most severe TB involvements of the liver in an immunocompetent individual. A young woman with a history of previous TB infection, presented in septic shock. Scans showed a liver filled with possible abscesses, one of which was aspirated and confirmed TB. Multiple HIV tests were negative but she remained lymphopaenic. Although she improved substantially with anti-tuberculous treatment, she later developed non-tuberculous central nervous system disease that we were unable to fully explain. Despite a stormy recovery period, she continues to do well.

  • global health
  • tropical medicine (infectious disease)
  • TB and other respiratory infections
  • hepatitis and other GI infections

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  • Contributors CE and FS: joint first authorship; contributed equally in the writing and editing of the article. FS is also the corresponding author. NG: editing and reviewing. PL: editing and reviewing.

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