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Case of retroperitoneal necrotising fasciitis: a rare and deadly spread


Necrotising fasciitis (NF) is a potentially lethal spread of infection that is uncommonly seen within the province of surgery. Seen mostly in the extremities and the perineal regions, it has been reported rarely to involve the retroperitoneal space and presents with a spectrum of symptoms and signs as such. Literature supports classification of NF based on the microbes involved. Irrespective of the aetiology and the causative organism, NF remains a serious surgical emergency with high morbidity and mortality not only associated with the disease process itself, but also with the extensive surgical debridement it requires in its management along with antimicrobial administration. We present a case of such an infection found in the retroperitoneal space secondary to a perineal infection forming a rare presentation of this deadly process, and how it was successfully managed secondary to timely surgical intervention.

  • infections
  • general surgery
  • gas/free gas

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