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Calvarial tuberculosis: an unusual presentation of disseminated tuberculosis


A 30-year-old man, without previous medical record, was admitted to our centre due to persistent hacking cough for the previous 2 months, accompanied by nocturnal sweating, unquantified weight loss and low-grade fever. The patient was finally diagnosed of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). During admission, a right forehead swelling was detected, painful to palpation, fluctuating and not attached to the skin, without cutaneous alterations or neurological impairment. Surgical debridement was performed and intraoperative cultures were positive for mycobacteria TB. The patient completed 9 months of antituberculous therapy and fully recovered.

  • bone and joint infections
  • Tb and other respiratory infections
  • neuroimaging
  • tuberculosis
  • neurosurgery

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