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Intraoesophageal migration of Teflon pledgets used for hiatal hernia repair: a serious adverse event


11 months following an elective paraoesophageal hernia repair, a female patient presents to the emergency department with severe dysphagia. A CT showed a distention of the distal oesophagus caused by a foreign body and dense material inside and outside the oesophagus wall. A gastroscopy confirmed the presence of a bezoar and secondary oesophagitis due to the intraoesophageal migration of Teflon pledgets. Even when used appropriately, only for the crus repair, the use of Teflon pledgets may result in fistulisation through the oesophagus. This complication suggests that the use of Teflon pledgets to buttress a hiatal hernia repair should be used with caution and that an alternative technique (eg, resorbable pledgets) could be preferred.

  • gastro-oesophageal reflux
  • oesophagus
  • endoscopy
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