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Simultaneous parotitis and ipsilateral herpes zoster ophthalmicus: coincidence?
  1. Fady Banno1,
  2. Tori Riccelli2 and
  3. Mark Banno3
  1. 1 Saba University School of Medicine, The Bottom, Netherlands
  2. 2 Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota, USA
  3. 3 Family Medicine, Ascension Providence Hospital, Novi, Michigan, USA
  1. Correspondence to Mr. Fady Banno, fady.banno{at}


A 43-year-old previously healthy man presented to the primary care clinic with concurrent ipsilateral viral parotitis and herpes zoster ophthalmicus. The patient experienced painful swelling below the right ear as well as painful vesicles on the right forehead, eyelid and cheek in the V1 dermatomal region. There were no lesions in the oral cavity or nose. Antibody titres confirmed active varicella zoster virus in the absence of mumps or herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 and unilateral parotitis were confirmed to be non-suppurative by the patient’s primary care physician and the neurologist. Both conditions resolved within 3 weeks with appropriate treatment.

  • infections
  • immunology
  • infectious diseases
  • neurology
  • pain (neurology)

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  • Contributors FB started researching the topic once the patient was seen and noticed that there are only two previous case reports with similar findings; took permission from MB to follow-up with the case and contacted TR to ask if she was interested in researching and helping with this topic. FB and MB: wrote the summary, background and case presentation. TR and FB: collaborated on the investigations, differential diagnosis, treatment, outcome and follow-up and discussion. FB: wrote the learning points and MB and TR revised and suggested alterations. TR and MB: helped with caption in Figure 1. TR later created Table 1 with caption and FB revised it and edited it. Patient’s perspective was taken by FB after listening to the patient explain what he felt. All authors had a substantial contribution to establish the framework of the case and design as well as analysis and interpretation of the data; discussed the results and contributed to the final manuscript. All authors revised the content critically and approved it for important intellectual content; approved the final version of the work that is being processed for a possible publication; agreed to be accountable for all aspects of the work and ready to answer any question regarding the accuracy and integrity of any part of the work. In addition, all authors are committed to investigate and resolve any issues encountered, if any.

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