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Abdominal pain and vomiting during pregnancy due to cholesterolosis


We present a 22-year-old pregnant woman at 15 weeks of gestation, with abdominal pain and vomiting. We demonstrate that diagnosis and treatment of vomiting and abdominal pain in pregnancy can be difficult. Therefore, involvement of other medical specialists is important when common treatments fail. Cholesterolosis can cause symptoms similar to those caused by cholelithiasis. Controversial to gallstones, identification of cholesterolosis by ultrasound is hard. Cholecystectomy is the only effective treatment option for cholesterolosis and can be performed safely during pregnancy. Cholecystectomy in pregnancy should be considered if, despite atypical symptoms, gallbladder disease is suspected and other diagnoses are ruled out. This may reduce recurrent symptoms, hospital admissions, exposure to harmful drugs and obstetric complications.

  • pancreas and biliary tract
  • pregnancy
  • gastrointestinal surgery

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