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Iatrogenic transverse myelitis in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis


We report the case of a 59-year-old Arab woman who was presented with acute onset of neck pain followed by quadriparesis, paraesthesias of lower limbs and incontinence of urine. Examination revealed asymmetric sensorimotor quadriparesis with sensory level at T1, establishing a clinical diagnosis of transverse myelitis. Cervical and thoracic spinal MRI showed enhancing T2/fluid attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) hyperintense lesion extending from C4 to C7 level in addition to long-segment lesion extending the whole of the spinal cord. She was known to have rheumatoid arthritis for the past 20 years and has been on etanercept for the past 8 years and methotrexate since past 3 years. Etanercept was stopped and she was treated with methylprednisolone followed by oral steroids and physiotherapy with which she had near complete recovery.

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • unwanted effects / adverse reactions

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