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Case report
Intussusception of a large circumferential caecal adenoma with ileocaecal valve consumption


We present a case of an unusually large, circumferential tubulovillous adenoma involving the terminal ileum and the caecum with ileocaecal valve consumption, presenting as intussusception in an otherwise healthy 90-year-old woman. The patient presented with several months of chronic symptoms of weight loss and diarrhoea. Clinical examination revealed a right-sided mass. Investigations revealed a large right-sided lesion suspicious of intussusception. The patient underwent a right-sided hemicolectomy where the intussusception was resected. Histology of the resected mass revealed a tubulovillous adenoma with focal invasive adenocarcinoma.

  • colon cancer
  • pathology
  • cancer intervention
  • surgical oncology
  • general surgery

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