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Case report
Concurrent fusobacterial pyogenic liver abscess and empyema


We present a very rare case of concurrent empyema and liver abscess caused by Fusobacterium. Our patient presented with 3-month history of subtle abdominal discomfort and cough leading to eventually presenting with marked chest pain, dyspnoea and septic shock. CT revealed a liver abscess and large right-sided pleural effusion. Drainage of the pleural effusion yielded gross pus with the growth of Fusobacterium varium, while drainage of the liver abscess yielded Fusobacterium nucleatum. The patient responded to drainage and antibiotic therapy with resolution of symptoms and decrease in the size of empyema and abscess on follow-up imaging. We also include a review if literature of related fusobacterial infections.

  • liver disease
  • intensive care
  • infectious diseases
  • respiratory medicine

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