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Case report
Iron III isomaltose induced hypersensitivity reaction


Iron isomaltose is considered as safe form of iron with no test dose recommended. Here, we are describing the case of a patient who experienced allergic reaction with this formulation of iron. A 35-year-old South Asian woman experienced allergic reaction, she had mild wheeze on examination of chest. She was given intranasal oxygen at 2 L/min. She was given intravenous acetaminophen 1 g for pain relief, 45.4 mg intravenous chlorphenaramine and intravenous 100 mg hydrocortisone. Within half an hour, all her symptoms improved and her hypoxia resolved. Her chest wheezing also disappeared. Iron isomaltose, although relatively safe, can cause allergic reaction. Intravenous iron can cause allergic reaction therefore it should be administered at the facility where trained staff is present so that necessary treatment can be given in case of hypersensitivity reaction.

  • drug interactions
  • unwanted effects / adverse reactions

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