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Clear cell, giant myoepithelioma of tongue base: a diagnostic and surgical challenge


Clear cell variant is a rare histological type of myoepithelioma seen in parotid and soft palate. This article describes clear cell variant of myoepithelioma in the tongue base, which has not been reported in the literature so far. A 34-year-old man presented with dysphagia and foreign body sensation of throat. Video laryngostroboscopy using a 70° rigid telescope showed a smooth globular mass in the oropharynx arising from the tongue base. Based on clinical and radiological findings, the lesion was considered as benign. Fine needle aspiration cytology was not attempted fearing risk of bleeding, aspiration and airway compromise. Hence, an excisional biopsy followed by definitive histopathological examination without frozen section was planned. The patient underwent coblator-assisted excision and subsequently sent for histopathological analysis. There were cuboidal cell nests with abundant clear cytoplasm which stained positive for p63 by immunohistochemistry. This helped in establishing the diagnosis of clear cell myoepithelioma.

  • ear, nose and throat/otolaryngology
  • head and neck cancer

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