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Ileal conduit volvulus: rare complication of urinary diversion


Ileal conduit volvulus is a rare complication of urinary diversion. It has been suggested that various factors including prolonged length of the ileal segment, lack of fixation of the conduit to the peritoneum and failure to close the incised mesentery predispose patients to this complication. We present the case of a 76-year-old man who presented to hospital with severe abdominal pain and oliguria secondary to a volvulus of his ileal conduit. Investigations revealed early acute kidney injury as a result of urinary obstruction which was evident on abdominal CT. The patient subsequently underwent operative repair of the volvulus. Symptoms resolved following the procedure, kidney function improved and the patient was discharged without complication.

  • urological surgery
  • urology
  • general surgery

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