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Rare case of bladder chondroma causing lower urinary tract symptoms


An extraosseous or soft tissue chondroma is a rare, benign cartilaginous tumour characterised by the formation of mature hyaline cartilage. The majority of osseous chondromas are located within the medullary cavity of long bones. Soft tissue chondromas are extremely rare with only five cases affecting the bladder being reported in the literature. Soft tissue chondroma of the bladder is a rare cause of lower urinary tract symptoms and abdominopelvic pain. All reported cases of soft tissue chondromas of the bladder have occurred in women in their fifth to seventh decades of life. We describe the case of a 65-year-old woman diagnosed with a soft tissue chondroma of her bladder while being investigated for lower urinary tract symptoms.

  • urology
  • urological surgery

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