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Rheumatoid meningitis: successful remission with rituximab


A 53-year-old male with rheumatoid arthritis presented with recurrent headaches, seizures and right-sided lower extremity paralysis while on antiepileptic medications. Work up revealed pachymeningeal and leptomeningeal enhancement on brain MRI. Differential diagnosis included a variety of infections, neoplasm and vasculitis. Histopathology showed findings consistent with rheumatoid meningitis (RM). Ultimately based on symptoms, MRI findings and tissue pathology, he was diagnosed with RM. Intravenous pulse dose steroids were initiated followed by rituximab every 6 months, resulting in significant improvement of the brain MRI findings. Patient has remained seizure free.

  • meningitis
  • neuroimaging
  • epilepsy and seizures
  • rheumatoid arthritis

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