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Bilateral retinocytoma: multimodal imaging assessment


Clinical evaluation of an early-onset left esotropia in an adolescent revealed a large macular lesion with extensive posterior pole retinochoroidal atrophy from superior arcade to inferior arcade. The lesion also showed pigmentary changes over the base, edges and beyond, along with a popcorn-like calcification just above the inferior arcade. Swept-source optical CT (SS-OCT) confirmed extensive chorioretinal thinning with hyper-reflective foci corresponding to the calcification, and optical CT angiography revealed a disorganised superficial retinal plexus. Likewise, fundus screening of the other eye showed a well-defined fleshy mass lesion along the temporal retina in absence of any calcification. SS-OCT of the left eye lesion showed intraretinal mass with poorly defined retinal layers.

  • retina
  • oncology
  • medical education

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