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Primary enterolithiasis with intestinal tuberculosis: rare presentation of a common disease


Enterolithiasis is the formation of intestinal calculi due to stasis. Tubercular strictures resulting in intestinal stasis provide a favourable environment for enterolith formation. Intestinal tuberculosis occurs commonly in India, but coexistent enterolithiasis has been reported rarely. We are describing three cases of enterolithiasis secondary to tubercular intestinal strictures among female patients in the fourth to fifth decades of life, all of them having pulmonary tuberculosis in the past. All the cases presented with features of subacute intestinal obstruction. X-ray abdomen done for all of them revealed single to multiple round, oval and rectangular, radio-opaque shadows suggestive of stones. Coexistence of enterolithiasis with intestinal tuberculosis may worsen the symptoms of intestinal obstruction and surgery remains the mainstay of treatment. All the patients underwent exploratory laparotomy, resection and anastomosis of the diseased bowel and antitubercular therapy was started. Two patients responded well to the treatment and the third one expired due to cardiac comorbidity.

  • TB and other respiratory infections
  • tropical medicine (infectious disease)

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