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Prenatal diagnosis of cervical ribs by three-dimensional ultrasound in a foetus with a herniated Dandy-Walker cyst


We present a case report of a foetus with a herniated Dandy-Walker cyst and bilateral rudimentary cervical ribs. The cervical ribs were visualised prenatally by three-dimensional ultrasound and confirmed by post-termination radiography. The prevalence of cervical ribs is higher in deceased fetuses and neonates with or without structural abnormalities compared with healthy individuals and might be regarded as a marker of disadvantageous fetal development. We demonstrate that evaluation of the fetal vertebral pattern by three-dimensional ultrasonography, including the cervical region, is feasible and could provide valuable information regarding fetal and neonatal prognosis.

  • obstetrics and gynaecology
  • pregnancy
  • materno-fetal medicine
  • congenital disorders
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