1. Kite surfing: epidemiology of trauma: literature review methods

    I read with interest Dunne et al's paper kite surfing: epidemiology of trauma. They state that 'a comprehensive review of EMBASE, PubMed and Google Scholar was conducted' and that 'the search strategy included medical subject headings (MeSH) kitesurf/kitesurfing/kitesurfing hip/kitesurfing pelvis/kitesurfing fracture/kitesurfing injury'. At the time of writing, (3 April 2018) none of these terms may be found in the MeSH thesaurus (, and MeSH terms would not, in any case, have helped in a search of EMBASE or of Google Scholar. Existing papers in MEDLINE on kite surfing injuries have been indexed with the term Athletic Injuries, and no subordinate terms yet exist. A more productive strategy might have been to search titles and abstracts using the strings kite* ADJ3 surf* OR kitesurf*. A search using these strings on the HDAS interface finds 29 results in MEDLINE and 33 in EMBASE. A more elaborate strategy for the other concept in the search, that of pelvic and acetabular fractures is certainly possible using a combination of controlled vocabulary and natural language terms.

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